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That done, I shall be watching LOTS of films and Youtube. One of the recent ones was entitle Across the Universe- perfect for any Beatles fan. :) One of the characters named Lucy, is wonderful, and I shall be photospamming you with her. :)

 She’s a great activist who fights for what she believes in. A great, strong, independant role model. She also looks amazing.

They wear SUCH rad clothes! (Channeling Rookie Mag: http://rookiemag.com/ )

Okay. onto the Feminism.

Recently, I went to a concert called Chime for Change, co-founded by Beyoncé (Who I ADORE) and I made a video about it, here:

Then there’s the site that allows you to personally help charities, called Catapult, which you should all check out here, although I explain about it in the video more. :) : http://www.catapult.org/

And lastly. Feminism. It rules. Just sayin’.

Oh also, My friend and I are Vlogging Every Day in June, so if you wish to see our faces, go hereeeeee: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheTwoEnglishGirls

Sorry for the weird randomness of this post. But I’m happy. And it’s summer. :)

Anna-Marie xx


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The Legend of Korra is amazing. I know I’m a little late to jump on the band wagon, but seriouslyu. It’s just SO good. I watched the whole season in a day. So you can probably guess that I’m on holiday and enjoying it rather a lot…..
Anyway, Korra is this Kickass Avatar who I want to be. She has an amazing Polar-Bear-Dog called Naga who is megacool and also tough and cute.

So anyway, firstly I should probably say hello. Long time no see. I think there will be large gaps between some of post presently because I am going to a new school and it may take me a while to settle in. But onto the post. i.e the pictures.

Here are some firstly of Naga, who I wish I could ride. : ( Also, I just want to be an avatar, because I can’t choose between the four elements. If you watch Legend of Korra, what would you want to bend.

Also I love Korra’s outfit. I think she looks great, and so do the other Fire Ferrets, in their cool uniforms. And Korra’s hair. How does it look so GOOD!



And with that, I shall love you and leave you. : )

If you haven’t checked this out do, also there’s another series called Avatar: The Last airbender which is supposed to be brilliant too, so I know I’m going to be spending some time watching that too. : 0

Hope your having lovely Summers, here is a great video to watch on the Last Days of Summer, which I thought was just lovely:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYn76Mh8UeQ&list=FL9qogPBnJeafxIJJB9gvg5A&index=1&feature=plpp_video

Cheerio, Anna-Marie xx


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“My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings:

Look on my works, ye mighty and despair”

[Ozymandias, Percy Bysshe Shelley]

Recently I fell in love with a brilliant film called Cracks, it’s a strange, atmospheric and beautiful(ly tragic) story of a group of girls in an English Boarding School in the 1930’s.

I just seriously, loved it. The cinema photography was beautiful and the acting superb. It starred Eva Green, Maria Valverde and Juno Temple (who is wonderful).

Here are some pictures all of which make me want to be included in the film and time period, as well as make me want to own ALL OF THE CLOTHES:



P.S Tumblr is my life now!!! (please ignore the horrendous name, I was trying to make a joke, now I’m stuck with a weird username. http://secretdiaryofajustinbieberlover.tumblr.com/ )

And the Tennis is. Just. Genius. Come on Roger!!!

P.P.S This post was written aaagggesss ago and so may contain content that is now irrelevant, I.e a comment about wimbledon… : (

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The Commitments

I watched a great film called the commitments recently. Set in the 90’s it is about a band in Dublin being set up. Seriously. Go watch it. The soundtrack is AMAZING! Not much actual stuff to write as I don’t have time (I’m revising) or the capacity (again, I’m revising.)

Enjoy the pictures…

 The brilliant if nasty lead singer.

Anna- Marie xx

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Okay, so this post is me fan girling and crushing on basically all the stars from the new film Avengers Assemble because it was fantastic.
And, just gotta put this out their to start off with: Captain america is my love. I want him a lot. Now, let the picture spam begin.

I just LOVE him so much. Superheroes rule!

This is Hawkeye, obviously C.America and Black Widow, who I thought was really quite cool.

I wish they existed! Although I don’t really like Thor. But STILL. His brother, Loki was quite hot. Not that I only watched it for the gorgeous men… their were cool explosions too….

Girl Power! Woop!

And lastly, the film poster:

oh and I know there’s not a picture, but The Hulk was cute as well, obviously not as the mean green machine, but as the doctor guy behind it all.

Wait, I like this drawing better so here it is:

That’s all from me,

Anna- Marie xx

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So recently, the Hunger Games came out and I went to see it on the day it came out, being a fan of the books.

I did not however enjoy the film, which is sad, but this post is not a review, I simply want to talk about the irritating film audience who totally missed the point of the Hunger Games and all it’s brilliance too!

They all seemed to only be there for either Peeta or Gale and although I have a preference for one of them (I wonder if you guys can guess?) I firmly beleive that the books are about more than just a silly relationship that wont last forever. It is about freedom and bravery, strength, loyalty. It’s about what’s wrong and right, what should be done, and what is normally done, it’s about dominance and power. The books are a struggle and their brutal and horrific, but at the same time, they create some wonderful people who we should be inspired by and think off when we beat something hard, a fear or a bully. It’s really important to remeber that the story is also one of survival. We constantly wonder whether Katniss will survive The Hunger Games (or any of the other books) and if you only take one thought or idea away from watching the film, the I hope it is this.

Fight. Fight for your family, for what you believe and for justice. Don’t live a fearful life full of cowardice and therefore unhappiness.

Life’s not solely about who you marry or love, so don’t make this book or film about that.

Anyway, hope this isn’t too dull or different to what I normally post about. And just in case here is a picture I found which I LOVE. I wish I could look exactly like this model and wear the same clothes…. Oh and on a side note, anyone heard of model Charlotte Free. She’s brilliant, a feminist, pink-hired, non shaving beautiful person. If you haven’t checked her out. Do.

 AAAAH. I just love everything about this picute, here boots, here legs, the colour of her hoodie/jacket. WANT!

Sorry about that, hope you all had alovely Easter,

Anna-Marie xx

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I am IN LOVE with Jane Austen. And recently I stumbled on a brilliant production of Northanger Abbey. Seriously I loved it, and have successfully fallen in love with the main man of the story. Henry Tilney. He is wonderful. : )

So here is some (*cough**cough* a LOT!) of pictures, both of the herione of the story, Catherine Moorland and Henry, plus various acquaintances.

  I think out of all the dresses worn in the film, this is my favourite.

 Mr Tilney. *sigh……*

 “Brown paper packages tied up in strings”

 How cute?!?

 Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Just so you are aware, the film (Northanger Abbey 2007) is not completely true to the book. But it’s still pretty good…

My exams are underway and I will be finished by friday next week, so I v=basically just have to survive up until that point. Wish me luck!

Anna Marie xx


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