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I missed one. It’s an Outfit of the Day!

Anna-Marie xxx


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Okay, so recently, I found two lovely hair tutorials which I thought I would share.

This was a brilliantly tutorial for gorgeous curls, minus any heat; which I actually did yesterday, and I got lots of lovely comments….. so you should ALL try it!

And secondly, you should also have a go at the Gibson Tuck, which I tried but couldn’t really, properly do because I have TOO much hair! But you can all do it. It’s pretty simple. Oh and the lady who has shared it has brilliantly red/ginger hair!


So there you go. I haven’t properly talked about books for aaaggggeeeessss so I thought that I would tell you about a book that I just read.

Looking For Alaska

The book was by John Green and although I felt that I should have enjoyed it a lot, I didn’t. Basically, I guessed what was going to happen and, not to sound condescending or stuick up, I think that, had I been younger I would have enjoyed it more. But there you go.

I’m STILL reading The Three┬áMusketeers, which is really tedious actually, although I am still enjoying it anyway, but eurrgghh. It’s so lllloooooonnnngggggg, I mean I’m only just over half way. Admittedly I have read another book whilst reading it, but ┬áthe other book took me about 4 days to read, so yeah…..

Quite a short post today, but there you have it.

Well that’s all from me, have lovely weekends!

Anna-Marie xx

P.S I’m slightly obsessed with the Great British Bake Off at the moment…. so hopefully some lovely new recipes will be heading your way. xx : )

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