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I missed one. It’s an Outfit of the Day!

Anna-Marie xxx


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I am in love.

She’s amazing.

So look:


I mean just look at her face! :P

Also, I think I would describe her name, face and barefootness as resplendant and just like a Wood Nymph. Like come on De Forest? How is she not a magical mystical woodland creature?

For those of you who don’t know she represented Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest and won, with the song “Only Teardrops”.

That’s enough from me…. *Goes back to working for exams….. :(*

Anna-Marie xx

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Acrostic Poetry.


Freedom to be,

Encounter or


In our OWN terms

Not dictated by

Irrelevant asses, our


Meant never to be in chains (again).

By Anna-Marie

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Hannah Hoch

So, for my Art AS Level I had to study some collage artists and in doing so I came across the work of Hannah Hoch, a German DADA-Era collagist (Is that a word?) and I thought I would share some of her work here. It’s a little weird but I like how she has combined people stories, words and progress all together. This is a post I started. I’m not finishing it. If you want to check out Hannah, then google her.

Here are some things.

Me being a sprite? Or fairy/ spirit of Autumn? It’s for Art…..


Well that’s all from me, cheerio,

Anna xx

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Well hello there fine people, as school has just started and I know it will get too busy to blog often so here are my other internet homes:

Youtube (personal):  http://www.youtube.com/user/chocolaterockz/featured

Collab Channel- weekly videos:  http://www.youtube.com/user/thetwoenglishgirls?feature=results_main

twitter:  https://twitter.com/_Lily_Luna_

Goodreads:  http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/3782022-anna

Cheerio! : ) xxx

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Hi, so on my channel I posted an outfit of the day video, and I thought, as this blog is also slightly fashionny, I would post it here for you good people to see:


I couldn’t embed it, so just check out the link, if you want.

P.S I LOVE my new Red chinos. They rock!!! : ) And are great for Adventures.

Anna-Marie xx

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Okay, so this post is me fan girling and crushing on basically all the stars from the new film Avengers Assemble because it was fantastic.
And, just gotta put this out their to start off with: Captain america is my love. I want him a lot. Now, let the picture spam begin.

I just LOVE him so much. Superheroes rule!

This is Hawkeye, obviously C.America and Black Widow, who I thought was really quite cool.

I wish they existed! Although I don’t really like Thor. But STILL. His brother, Loki was quite hot. Not that I only watched it for the gorgeous men… their were cool explosions too….

Girl Power! Woop!

And lastly, the film poster:

oh and I know there’s not a picture, but The Hulk was cute as well, obviously not as the mean green machine, but as the doctor guy behind it all.

Wait, I like this drawing better so here it is:

That’s all from me,

Anna- Marie xx

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