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Acrostic Poetry.


Freedom to be,

Encounter or


In our OWN terms

Not dictated by

Irrelevant asses, our


Meant never to be in chains (again).

By Anna-Marie


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“My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings:

Look on my works, ye mighty and despair”

[Ozymandias, Percy Bysshe Shelley]

Recently I fell in love with a brilliant film called Cracks, it’s a strange, atmospheric and beautiful(ly tragic) story of a group of girls in an English Boarding School in the 1930’s.

I just seriously, loved it. The cinema photography was beautiful and the acting superb. It starred Eva Green, Maria Valverde and Juno Temple (who is wonderful).

Here are some pictures all of which make me want to be included in the film and time period, as well as make me want to own ALL OF THE CLOTHES:



P.S Tumblr is my life now!!! (please ignore the horrendous name, I was trying to make a joke, now I’m stuck with a weird username. http://secretdiaryofajustinbieberlover.tumblr.com/ )

And the Tennis is. Just. Genius. Come on Roger!!!

P.P.S This post was written aaagggesss ago and so may contain content that is now irrelevant, I.e a comment about wimbledon… : (

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As the title says I thought I would share some of my poetry with you. Well actually one poem with you. Gosh I’m nervous, but anyway, here goes. I hope you like it….

It is called A Patchwork Heart. And goes something like this:

A Patchwork Heart

A Patchwork Heart
Full of pins and needle
Threads and holes, 
open to those who like to sew.

Yet their is one who finds
the seam and pulls me apart.

My poor Patchwork heart,
Ventricles exhausted
Atria malfunctioning, 
inside is raw red.


When your soft fingers 
caress the stitches, 

I warm and start.

For you know how to work

my Patchwork Heart.

 : )




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