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Hi, so on my channel I posted an outfit of the day video, and I thought, as this blog is also slightly fashionny, I would post it here for you good people to see:


I couldn’t embed it, so just check out the link, if you want.

P.S I LOVE my new Red chinos. They rock!!! : ) And are great for Adventures.

Anna-Marie xx


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I thought that it was about time for my annual (?) Christmas and Birthday wishlist, as everyone keeps asking me what I want. Unfortunately I have no doubt, whatsoever that nothing in this list will get bought for me as it is all a tad too expensive. A girl can dream though, can’t she….. : ) Oh and lastly, a warning. This will probably be a loonnggg post… I have lots of things that I want.

So first up, we have this beauty from Steffy Pro and Cons, and new blog I found recently. She has a shop called Tea and Tulips, which is wear I found this lovely thing.



The following, three or four pictures are all from the same place, Flashes of Style. flashesofstyle.blogspot.com

How wonderful? I really want the backgroound as well as the clothes… *crosses fingers* SNOW. SNOW.SNOW…….

 These are think, are my favourite shorts EVER. But sadly, they have been sold. Great!

Okay, so now, we move on. (ish) Here are some clothes from the Velvet Birds Shop (http://www.thevelvetbird.com/)

The first is Lola Goes Exploring, and I want because I have an unfulfilled obsession and love of corduroy.

Lola Braves the High Seas:

And lastly, from the velvet bird, Lola Sings the Blues:

Well. That’s all the clothes.. I think. Now onto…..


Okay, I’ll be brief and I would also like to add that as my family love to read, we porbably do actually have copies of these books, I just haven’t looked hard enough.

  1. The Importance of being Earnest
  2. The Fault in our Stars
  3. The perks of being a Wallflower
  4. The picture of Dorian Gray
  5. Ballet Shoes

And of course, Harry Potter goodies and things, i.e the DVD! : ) of part 2.

So, I hope that I haven’t bored you all too much, and enjoy your weeks,

Love Anna- xxx

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Helloo again,
I seem to be having lost of Adventures this summer, although not quite as adventurous as Alice’s Adventures….
So last week I went to Edinburgh and the Fringe festival, this HUGE festival that goes on there every August for basically the whole month. It’s really cool and everyone in Scotland was really really nice. There was SOOOOO much on to choose from, they had(/have, it’s still going on.) Theatre, Dance, children & Comedy as well as music and much more. I walked SO much as well becuase, a. I was scared to get on a bus and b. I wanted to wander the streets shopping and enjoying the VERY wet and rainy days. I also went to the Edinburgh International Book Festival which is on at the same time and listened to lost of authors discussing there works. It was all very interesting and informative and has firmly cemented the idea of becoming an author myself one day. So yeah. I’ll show you some pictures. Edinburgh is a really beautiful place and although I’d never been there before and I was wondering around on my own, I still felt totally safe. So Yeah. You should all visit.
Here is a list of things that I did/ saw:
1. I went to the Book Festival as stated above, I didn’t take any pictures of the actual place, but I took a picture of all my tickets and leaflets and programmes, or at least of all the things I went to, so here you are:

The Yellow Tickets are the Book Festival ones… Just to give you a heads up, this is going to be a picture heavy post… Sorry…

2. A preoccupation With Romance, this was written and performed by a student theatre croup called Close Knit Theatre and I was attracted to them becuase I first saw the main leafletters for the group knitting one LOOONNNGGG Scarf and I can KNIT! So I was intrigued, found out more about it and went to see it. Twas’ fun. The play was also the first thing that I’d ever seen in the Fringe, becuase the book festival isn’t really connected to it, so that was exciting, and we went into this teeny room to watch it and not every seat was taken. But the writing and the words used were lovely.

3. Othello. Really, Really good. As I said before I had to read the play for English, so I thought I’d be extra nerdy and go and watch the play As WELL. Woo. Go Me. But yeah. The performance was brilliant, the person who Iago was amazinf as was Othello, it was violent and scary, exactly what /i thought it should be like.

4. I visited The Palace of Holyroodhouse- the queen’s official residence in Scotland. The Palace is beautiful and the mountains surrounding it are lovely as well.

 Isn’t it Gorgeous? I would love to live there.. Harry?

5. Then I went to, Don’t laugh, The Little Mermaid Ballet. It was the only ballet I could get too and although I was surrounded by a bunch of 3- 7 year olds it was really nice. The costumes were nice and, yeah well I love ballet. So that was great.

6.We walked up St Andrews (I think that’s what it’s called) Mount and that was really nice. It was raining a LOT. And that made the experience all the better.

7. I shopped quite a lot. I bought:

a. Some green shorts for £1.99 in a Charity Shop. Don’t you just love them (I mean Charity shops)!

b. Some stripy tights for £9.99 at H & M. Blue, grey white and Black. Really cool.

c. an AMAZING tartany backpack for ONLY £3.99!!!!!!! Wooo. This is, I think, my favourite new thing and to prove it here are some pictures of it:

 How Cool!!?????

 Close up.

d. Lula Magazine. I FINALLY managed to track one down. I am so happy!!!!!!

Here are lots of pictures

 The card on top is from the bookshop that I bought it from. It was a really small shop , but really nice. It had a books on bikes and Fashion and yeah.

 The book store was called Analogue Books. It was recommended to me by another Blogger, Cait from Wayward Daughter. It was a great recommendation.

 I love this dress and the tights, particularly the contrast between the dark lips and eyes of the innocent white of the dress.

e. A Teddy Bear. I’ve named him Picardy because there was a street in Edinburgh called that.

f. Also an Umbrella from the shop at the Palace of Holyroodhouse. It rained quite a lot.

Okkkaayyyyyyy. Ont the books and postcards I bought. Sorry…..

 So I bought:

  1. Hamlet
  2. Kings & Queens of Scotland
  3. Scotland’s History
  4. Twelfth Night
I also bought two books from authors I heard talking about them and I even got them both signed.
      5. The Meat Tree by Gwyneth Lewis
      6. Archie and The North Wind by Angus Peter Campbell
Now for my postcards:
 Aren’t they so cute? I love old-fashioned adverstising!
So. I’ve only got a couple more…….. I promise
  This is my trusty map, which stopped me from getting lost a million times, and two catalogues of the events and shows. the green one is HUGE.
 The MOST delicious cupcakes fro Cuckoos Bakery. Another great find, recommended from the Wayward Daughter. Clockwise from left:
!.Chocolate Chocolate – My favourite
“. Normal
£. Black Bottom
$. Strawberry Cheesecake
Well I think that’s enough for now.
Anna-Marie xx
P.S. Sorry about the length…….

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I know I recently put out a post BUT, I wanted to tell you about an adventure I had recently with my friend Ginny, (and for the purpose of today’s post think of me now as being called Luna…. Can you see where this is going?….)

So. We went to the Premier!!!! Of Harry Potter. (Well… kinda.) So we went to Trafalgar Square and we watched the big screen dressed up and looking cool.

I was Luna Lovegood. The best character that J.K.Rowling has ever created and my friend, as already stated was Ginny weasley. (She’s cool too….)

So, before going to the premier we went to Hamleys, a toy store were they have started to sell Harry Potter Wands. Ginny and I tried to buy our  own wands but they were sold out so we both bought Sirius Black’s wand which is totally incredible. It has really artistic symbols and lines in.

 The pattern at the handle is the same as the tattoo on Sirius’s chest in the film which is cool.

It came in an Ollivander’s box. It’s resting on the cloak that I made.

 Here is basically what I wore (and bought).

  1. Ravenclaw cloak
  2. Sirius’s wand
  3. Butterbeer Cork Necklace – to keep away the Nargles
  4. Black glasses – to be like Harry Potter (sort of)
  5. Spectrespecs
Aaaaaaa. We met some lovely people and it was really an unforgettable day. (Although it was really quite stressful.)
We both wore school uniform with our Ravenclaw and Gryffindor ties (which I forgot to picture) and that was REALLY weird because we had just finished school.
We met some people who had a “Weasley is our King” & “Never Moon a Werewolf” poster. We discussed with coolly dressed strangers that only true fans had read the books.  We also met a lovely american boy who was ginger and really sweet. And a Harry Potter fan. *faints* I am in love…. : ) We didn’t ask him his name and we kept on saying “He was a Ron” or “I think he’s a James.” Because we aren’t strange.
 Here’s the wand box (and mthe butterbeer cork ) It’s super amazing.
I’m so glad we did go out to the centre of London and enjoy the amazing memories and experiences because *sob* it’s the LAST time anything like that will happen. (Unless she releases a Encyclopedia.. : ) PLEASE J.K.R!)
So with that. I am off on holiday for three weeks, so obviously I wont be posting. Try not to pine away to much…. : )
Lots of Love and Hugs
Luna Lovegood xx 

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Hey everyone, I hope all is well with you

Me, I had a really Baaaaaadddd week this week, Why? I hear you ask (or not as the case maybe) because of a multitude of factors, but mostly due to the fact that I cant sleep! So I wake groggy and tired only to discover that I forgot to do the English homework or the History Essay WOOO!! Go me!

Anywayyysss, back to the more interesting things, like a film called Shine, which I watched recenlty, which is about a pianist called David Helfgot, who learns to play Rachmaninoff 3, which is unbeleivably hard. to play. He has an evil dad who I despised from the beginning. I thought that it was a great film and I think that its a true story.

Whilst I’m typing this I am listening to Bruno Mars (you may know billionaire which he sung with travie Mcoy) and I love a particular song called Marry You, it’s really sweet and Romantic.

As the title may suggest I am reading Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. (well, i’ve finished it now! 6/2/11) And I love it, its sooooo good, I don’t want to give to much away, but I just got to an exciting part and I can’t guess what happens! I’m reading it for my school’s book club, I suggested it so I could finally get around to reading it because I normally wouldn’t have had the time. So yeah, it’s brilliantly written and I think Charlotte brontes style of writing is exquisite. I would most certainly recommend it to everyone, including you Sarah! Although I do understand that it takes a while to get into the story but, once it does the book is amazing.

Next I shall read Never Let me go by Kazuo Ishiguro. A film version is coming out and I want to finish it before I see it.

So I finished it and I thought it was really, really good! It’s sci-fiish and a bit weird at times, but on the whole I enjoyed it! It made me cry……… not that I’m a sensitive person or anything…. : )

Also, recently I bought some lovely new Blue nail varnish which I might share with you soon and also a Holga Camera (or toy camera) which is a film camera just much less expensive and plastic. I love it, maybe once I have the pictures developed I’ll share it with you.

This is basically what it looks like.

Quite a weird and boring post today, sorry!

Have a lovely week, toodle-loo

Anna- Marie xx

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Hey everyone,

I hope you are all having a fantabulous week….. Unlike me! But School is drawing to an end and the Christmas lunch today was really good, so I’ve brightened up a considerable amount. I thought that I would put together an Xmas and Birthday (mine’s near christmas) Wishlist. So, here goes.

 1. Cable knit White jumper and Tartan shorts

2. Eclipse Movie Companion

3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Film Poster Book

4. Harry Potter Film wizardry book

5. Storybook Ending Socks

6. Bonny Stargazer (Dear Creatures) Dress (I’ve been lusting over this all week!)

7. Cafe au Lait Socks

(in order the websites are 1. Liebermarlene Vintage 2.-4. are all from Amazon, and Finally 5.-7. are all from Modcloth)

Tehe… Fingers Crossed I get one thing on this list. I also want a christmas Jumper! And I just wanted to share these really cool socks that I found yesterday, on Modcloth again…….

Ta-Daaaaaa!! How Cool!?!!?

A Book Update:

So I have Finally finished reading Little Women, which was lovely just slightly to long and God orientated. I did love Jo the best (out of the 3 sisters, Meg, Beth and Amy) and I thought that Jo and Laurie should have got married in the end instead of him and Amy! I think they would be a much better couple.  I really liked the though ending as everyone gets what they want, and don’t have too much at the same time, if you get what I mean….?

Secondly I have been reading Anne of Avonlea and I started reading Anne of the Island. I do love the Anne of Green Gables series, L.M. montgomery was a great writer!

I also have been reading the Beckoning Hills by….. I really like it, it’s the second in a series called The Quantock Sisters and it starts in 1910.  Although it is written for younger readers, I’m enjoying it nonetheless. Also I am sort of reading (For Book Club) the Fallen Idol (by… Can’t remember!) but yeah so that’s ok….?

Happy Wednesday! I hope you have lovely weeks!

Anna xx

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Hey everyone,

sorry for the abrupt stoppage of posts but school work suddenly picked up. It’s ok now though so I am able to post this (Which isn’t really the catch up post I planed but anyway…..: ) ).

The other week I bought some AMAZING New Black, Spotty JEANS!! Woooo.  (It’s especially good because my old black jeans are slowly fading away and I need a new pair). They were from a charity shop for just £7.50…. : ) I love them sooooo much. (I might take a pic later, I can’t be bothered right now).

So my Jean scream over, lets get back to business. Yes thats right people I’m talking Harry Potter (and the Deathly Hallows). I don’t know if any of you have seen it but if you have I think you will agree with me when I say, Wasn’t it just BRILLIANT!!!?? I LOVED it sooo much, just the right amount of Darkness, unhappiness and Scariness (wow that’s a lot of nesses!) and brilliantly hilarious bits as well. I already saw it twice on the week end *Teeheee* and I will hopefully be going to see it again next week end with a bunch of friends.

I think that the best character in the whole series is Luna Lovegood. She is just brilliant!!! I love the character in the books and I also think that they chose the best Luna actress out there (Evanna Lynch). She just rocked (even though she’s only in it a little bit)! and because I feel in the mood for Lunaness today I shall share some lovely pictures of her.

I loved here dress! At Bill and Fleurs wedding Luna and her dad, Xenophilius dance around and it is just so so funny. She is just so completely batty.

This is when she was locked up at Malfoy Manor and was probably also tortured, Poor Luna.

Me and my friend dressed up as Luna and Ginny and I made myself a cape especially. I might take some pictures, or maybe I could do my first photoshoot….??

My final Harry Potter thing is a tribute to Dobby who was the best House Elf/ Free Elf in the world, and the cutest too.


(Sorry if I ruined/spoiled the book for you I just had to say something!)

The last thing that I want to talk about is a Woody Allen film that I went to see at the BFI yesterday. The film was called Annie Hall and it was brilliant. It’s basically a Rom-Com but a really, really good one which is much more about the relationship, it was released in 1977(?). The women that played Annie Hall was a women called Diane Keaton and she was great, so funny and dorky, just superb. I also loved what she wore and so I thought that I would try to share some of her outfits with you.  Also Just another thought I love her name Annie Hall it just sounds so…. so…. well you know!

Here she is singing in a Cabaret:

Here she is playing tennis, don’t you just love her shirt?

I mean this women can do it all, she just fantastic. She can take great photos (especially with lobsters).

Annie and Alvy (Woody Allen) go to the “movies” together a lot  and watch films (or maybe just the same film) about WW2 concentration camps.

I love Alvy’ s pullover and the plaid.

(Last picture I promise)

I found this on the internet and I think it looks great, you see when Annie and Alvy first meet she says “well La-di-da La-di-da ” in this very funny voice. She also wears those exact clothes and I love them.Gorgeous!

Anyway, Happy Wednesday!

(sorry for the long post) Anna x

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