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Youtube is full of such wonderful treats, and many are inspired by some of my favourite literature- so I thought I’d share them here:

Then there’s the (demi-)godly:

I love Narnia SO MUCH, although ever since reading it Turkish Delight is something horrible….

Then there are some Hunger Games ones….


Lord of the Rings! :)

And lastly, of COURSE, Harry Potter:

— Although this one includes a sexist Ron, so we don’t like it as much as we would if he was a nice person…

Anyway, all of these are from Feast of Fiction on Youtube, and I would definitely recommend you subscribe they make great and delicious recipes! :)

Anna-Marie xx




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Hey guys,

This will be my last update in a while as I am going on Holiday soon and I plan to use the computer as little as possible.

So anyway, an outfit post. I really like this outfit because I was able to wear a dress that I love but that is wwwaaaayyy too skimpy normally but because I wore it with a skirt over the top, not only did it give it some extra flounce but it also covered the skimpyness. Plus it was super fun to twirl around in.

So, here goes:

I tied a piece of knitted chord around my skirt to hold it up, which created nice pleats in the fabric. I have had this skirt forEVER!! Seriously, I think since I was at least about 11 or 10.

 I love

my blue brogues! and I FINALLY found some pointelle socks, and used this opportunity to show them off. What do you guys think of my outfit? Oh and what about the name of the post? I find it really hard to come up with interesting post names.

The day that I took these photos was so gorgeous, the sunlight was dappled in our garden and it was really, properly warm for the first time in aaagggeeeess. Spring… Nothing more to say.

I am wearing: Skirt-mini-Boden, Dress- Jane Norman, Socks-Topshop, Brogues-Charity Shop

Also, I can’t remember if I mentioned this but I was reading Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibsons for book club and I finished it. It’s a comedy supposedly. I say supposedly because I didn’t find it THAT funny. There were moments, like the cows on Cold Comfort are called “Graceless, Pointless, Aimless and Feckless”… : ) But, well, yeah. I’m not sure if I would recommend it. Oh. Then I started reading Chinua Achebe’s Things fall apart. Should be good. I am also still reading Anne of the Windy Willows, just I’ve had to put it on hold momentarily. I will get back to it, in the next week.

I just found the CUTEST picture…


Cheerio. Have a Lovely week.

AM xx

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I was surfin’ the internet the other day and I decided to do a Modcloth wishlist as

a) I had nothing better to do and,

b) I love drooling over the gorgeous clothes on that site. (plus there are some lovely items up there at the moment.)

So, without further adieu, here goes:

Chic Shenanigans Shorts

1. Chic Shenanigans Shorts

I would wear these with black nylons, brown Brogues and a baggy white cable knit jumper.

Small College Town Wedge

Small College Town Wedge

“When school is out of session, your little town is as quiet as can be, which is nice during the summer. Now that the cross streets are packed with bustling students and the college’s halls are echoing with shoe shuffling and chatter, the atmosphere seems alive again. Sliding on these numbers by BC Shoes, you feel a new, but familiar, excitement. The smooth auburn leather falls in with the autumn colors surrounding you on the way to class, while the tiny, tarnished gold studs dotting the straps, and subtle deep brown contrast stitching are the perfect sprinkles of detail. A walkable, stacked wedge heel adds a bit of professionalism for your upcoming lecture, yet the rounded toe gives a casual feel for when you’re simply taking notes.” I would wear these gorgeous shoes with a checked shirt dress, a leather messenger bag and white pointelle socks.

A Leg Up Socks in Leafy Green

A Leg Up Socks in Leafy Green

“One part schoolgirl and one part saucy, these green over-the-knee socks are perfect to wear when you want to add extra warmth to your cute, leg-bearing clothing. Their super cozy knit texture will mix well with brown-tone skirts and tweedy coats. Pair them with lace-up Oxford booties or knee-high boots for impeccably smart style!” I Just LOVE these!

The Chantilly Grace Skirt

The Chantilly Grace Skirt

“You’ll have a wiggle in your walk and a giggle in your talk when you slip into this finely crafted skirt!” I think that I would pair this with a cream-colored,  puffy sleeved blouse, mint green tights, and yellow DM’s…. : )

Tulle out of Three Skirt

Tulle out of Three Skirt

Tulle skirt researchers claim that two out of three tulle skirts never quite reach the level of the third – and our research shows that this fancy garment is the one to beat! Though we might be joking about ‘tulle skirt researchers,’ we’re as serious as can be when it comes to our love for this skirt from British designer Traffic People. Featuring two layers of terrific tulle, with one ballet pink layer and the other dove grey, this skirt additionally boasts a silky grey ribbon at the waist to tie into a beautiful bow. Don this skirt with an ivory cotton blouse, noir stockings, and quilted flats for a stylish look worthy of the scientific method!

Patio Picnic Dress

Patio Picnic Dress

“With a brand new potato salad recipe to try, you’ve got a hankering for a picnic that won’t be ignored. Finally, you invite your pals over for a soiree on the heated, covered patio, and you’ve got the perfect gingham frock to wear for the gathering! Featuring an indigo-and-grey checkered print, stripes of lace trim at the bodice and hem, and a strappy sweetheart bodice that flatters your figure, this delightful dress has you looking as sweet as a homemade pie.” I think I would only want to wear my blue brogues with this, oh and maybe some pointelle socks. So it would definitely be a summer look. This is deffinetly my favourite!

Vintage Nocturne Dress

Vintage Nocturne Dress

This is just GORGEOUS right??

Fudge Brownie Bag

Fudge Brownie Bag

“Indulge in decadence when you don this rich chocolate mini backpack featuring brass hardware, buckled straps with magnetic snaps, and adjustable shoulder straps. Its realistic, faux leather has a worn-in appearance that mimics that of a prized leather hand-me-down, similar to a cherished family recipe. Use its looped interior guard strap to secure your things double-time before closing its handled top flap. Its fully lined interior hosts the cutest cupcake print and an adorable ‘let them eat cake’ patch above its interior pockets.”
This bag is super duper lovely tooo!!! ARRRGGGHH I want it alll!!!
Anywayyys! that’s it from me.
I’m listening to Bjork’s It’s oh so quite, which is lovely.
Have a lovely weekend! And week.
Love AnnaMarie xxx
P.S sorry for the megggaa long post, oh and next time I promise to upload a recipe and talk about my recent cooking endeavours….. Nutella Cookies….. hm… all I’m saying….. : ) xx
P.P.S. I’d just like to offer my condolences (although that will never be enough) to the poor people in Japan who have suffered from the terrible earthquake I am truly sorry, I know that this doesn’t really help anyone, but I thought it would be better to at least acknowledge others sadness and loss than not to mention it at all. x

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I thought I would share with you all the new cool fashions and collections that I like that I have come across recently.

I LOVE the Parker and the shoes are Gorgeous too!
I really like this ensemble its super cool and just screams edginess at you. What do you guys think?

All the next photos are from the same collection By Dear Creatures. The Blanket is a nice touch eh? (http://www.dearcreatures.com/)

I love it All!

I love the suitcases next to her. Also that top is superb!

I love the Dress (and the phone is cool too).

I really like how they dressed the guy and the Camera is a cute touch.

I love the tights and the box AND the coat (oh, and the dress under(and the Shoes!!)) Mega Fantabulous!

The next one is the last I promise!

How CUTE, I wish they were sold in England. The concept/ inspiration is Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys apparently.

I hope you liked all that as there is more still to come.                                                                                                                                  this was only part one!… How cool I rhymed!.. :)

Sorry, Anyways What are you guys loving about this Autumns fashions?

love Anna xxx

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