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So, as Zoe and I have been making videos this month, and we’ve done one everyday so far, I thought I would share a couple more with you here, so you are kept up to date.

(A Book (Graphic Novel) Review.)

This one is about FairyTales and their writers. Sort of, and my EPQ.

And lastly, this one is about my Favourite Female Literary Friendships, or some of them. :) I would recommend all of you guys making such lists. It’s fun and a nice feminist exercise.

Anna-Marie. xx


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That done, I shall be watching LOTS of films and Youtube. One of the recent ones was entitle Across the Universe- perfect for any Beatles fan. :) One of the characters named Lucy, is wonderful, and I shall be photospamming you with her. :)

 She’s a great activist who fights for what she believes in. A great, strong, independant role model. She also looks amazing.

They wear SUCH rad clothes! (Channeling Rookie Mag: http://rookiemag.com/ )

Okay. onto the Feminism.

Recently, I went to a concert called Chime for Change, co-founded by Beyoncé (Who I ADORE) and I made a video about it, here:

Then there’s the site that allows you to personally help charities, called Catapult, which you should all check out here, although I explain about it in the video more. :) : http://www.catapult.org/

And lastly. Feminism. It rules. Just sayin’.

Oh also, My friend and I are Vlogging Every Day in June, so if you wish to see our faces, go hereeeeee: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheTwoEnglishGirls

Sorry for the weird randomness of this post. But I’m happy. And it’s summer. :)

Anna-Marie xx

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Youtube is full of such wonderful treats, and many are inspired by some of my favourite literature- so I thought I’d share them here:

Then there’s the (demi-)godly:

I love Narnia SO MUCH, although ever since reading it Turkish Delight is something horrible….

Then there are some Hunger Games ones….


Lord of the Rings! :)

And lastly, of COURSE, Harry Potter:

— Although this one includes a sexist Ron, so we don’t like it as much as we would if he was a nice person…

Anyway, all of these are from Feast of Fiction on Youtube, and I would definitely recommend you subscribe they make great and delicious recipes! :)

Anna-Marie xx



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The Legend of Korra is amazing. I know I’m a little late to jump on the band wagon, but seriouslyu. It’s just SO good. I watched the whole season in a day. So you can probably guess that I’m on holiday and enjoying it rather a lot…..
Anyway, Korra is this Kickass Avatar who I want to be. She has an amazing Polar-Bear-Dog called Naga who is megacool and also tough and cute.

So anyway, firstly I should probably say hello. Long time no see. I think there will be large gaps between some of post presently because I am going to a new school and it may take me a while to settle in. But onto the post. i.e the pictures.

Here are some firstly of Naga, who I wish I could ride. : ( Also, I just want to be an avatar, because I can’t choose between the four elements. If you watch Legend of Korra, what would you want to bend.

Also I love Korra’s outfit. I think she looks great, and so do the other Fire Ferrets, in their cool uniforms. And Korra’s hair. How does it look so GOOD!



And with that, I shall love you and leave you. : )

If you haven’t checked this out do, also there’s another series called Avatar: The Last airbender which is supposed to be brilliant too, so I know I’m going to be spending some time watching that too. : 0

Hope your having lovely Summers, here is a great video to watch on the Last Days of Summer, which I thought was just lovely:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYn76Mh8UeQ&list=FL9qogPBnJeafxIJJB9gvg5A&index=1&feature=plpp_video

Cheerio, Anna-Marie xx


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Hello Again

Hello. I went to Namibia for two weeks. It was amazing. Normal posting shall recomence soon. Sorry for the silence. I made a video about it. Here’s the script and a link to it:

Recently, I went to the land of Africa, or more precisely Namibia. It was a wonderful experience. Now that I’m back in England I really miss it. Really miss it. The trip was split into two sections: the first week we worked at a school renovating and building dormitories and a playground. It was a lovely experience, as, in the afternoon the children-from about 5-12 years old- would interact with us, at one point they joined in the sanding of the building, and often wanted to be carried by us, or hold our hands.

They were barefooted and lead bare-lives, stripped back of any materialistic rubbish and only what is really needed. They were barefoot and raggedy. They were barefoot and so happy too. The children taught me that I have too much stuff. If these carefree kids can get by with two sets of clothes, no socks or shoes then I can shed my own layers and get to the heart of life, without anything unimportant or pointless.

Simply: we are taught that we need so many things. But we honestly don’t. Life goes on without socks or computers. Strip yourself down; lose the covers that hide you from the truth of yourself.

The children themselves were so sweet and unshamefacedly enthusiastic and honest. I hope I can live my life as they do and give to others who not fortunate enough to be able to. Lightly, but by embedding myself in the hearts of the others, leaving barefooted prints on their lives and on their hearts.

The second week was less for others and more for ourselves as people. The week was one full of walking, and unfortunately disasters. The culmination of both adjectives came together near rhe end of the week in the group’s (20 students) epic solo Trek. A trek we all took part in unguided by locals, adults or any teachers whatsoever. Just us and the desert, the animals (mostly baboons ) and vast mountains.

After setting off at about 6:30, as soon as it got light, we headed towards the now dry, wide riverbed (It’s winter and the dry season). We ended up having to leave four people behind due to leg injuries and heatstroke. The now 16 of us soldiered on and walked. And walked, got secretly lost, twisted ankles, ate honey and energy tablets. And walked and then sprinted, like Usain Bolt. The finish, a cluster of four head torches was approaching.

On looking back we realised we had walked for about 12 and ½ hours that day. Other than aching feet and a large appetite, the walk left me with the sentiment that, I can do anything if I want to. Further to this, I realised also, that ~I can do exactly what I want with my life, i.e help people, withut A *’s or B’s I can still achieve this aim. Without Oxford, A Levels, School, I will change the world for the better.

Lastly, the trip organised in conjunction with EHRA, or Elephant Human Relations Aid , took us, in a cattle truck, perched uncomfortably on the rails, in search of elephants.

We saw them, wrinkled, like old apples and plodding, comfortably along. So close to us any fast movements, noises or lights could startle them. We saw a herd named Mama Africa, with eleven or so elephants, three of them babies. They really did have huge ears and trunks like baggy trousers.

Cheerio, Anna-Marie. xxx

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Hi, so on my channel I posted an outfit of the day video, and I thought, as this blog is also slightly fashionny, I would post it here for you good people to see:


I couldn’t embed it, so just check out the link, if you want.

P.S I LOVE my new Red chinos. They rock!!! : ) And are great for Adventures.

Anna-Marie xx

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I know I recently put out a post BUT, I wanted to tell you about an adventure I had recently with my friend Ginny, (and for the purpose of today’s post think of me now as being called Luna…. Can you see where this is going?….)

So. We went to the Premier!!!! Of Harry Potter. (Well… kinda.) So we went to Trafalgar Square and we watched the big screen dressed up and looking cool.

I was Luna Lovegood. The best character that J.K.Rowling has ever created and my friend, as already stated was Ginny weasley. (She’s cool too….)

So, before going to the premier we went to Hamleys, a toy store were they have started to sell Harry Potter Wands. Ginny and I tried to buy our  own wands but they were sold out so we both bought Sirius Black’s wand which is totally incredible. It has really artistic symbols and lines in.

 The pattern at the handle is the same as the tattoo on Sirius’s chest in the film which is cool.

It came in an Ollivander’s box. It’s resting on the cloak that I made.

 Here is basically what I wore (and bought).

  1. Ravenclaw cloak
  2. Sirius’s wand
  3. Butterbeer Cork Necklace – to keep away the Nargles
  4. Black glasses – to be like Harry Potter (sort of)
  5. Spectrespecs
Aaaaaaa. We met some lovely people and it was really an unforgettable day. (Although it was really quite stressful.)
We both wore school uniform with our Ravenclaw and Gryffindor ties (which I forgot to picture) and that was REALLY weird because we had just finished school.
We met some people who had a “Weasley is our King” & “Never Moon a Werewolf” poster. We discussed with coolly dressed strangers that only true fans had read the books.  We also met a lovely american boy who was ginger and really sweet. And a Harry Potter fan. *faints* I am in love…. : ) We didn’t ask him his name and we kept on saying “He was a Ron” or “I think he’s a James.” Because we aren’t strange.
 Here’s the wand box (and mthe butterbeer cork ) It’s super amazing.
I’m so glad we did go out to the centre of London and enjoy the amazing memories and experiences because *sob* it’s the LAST time anything like that will happen. (Unless she releases a Encyclopedia.. : ) PLEASE J.K.R!)
So with that. I am off on holiday for three weeks, so obviously I wont be posting. Try not to pine away to much…. : )
Lots of Love and Hugs
Luna Lovegood xx 

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