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Helloo again,
I seem to be having lost of Adventures this summer, although not quite as adventurous as Alice’s Adventures….
So last week I went to Edinburgh and the Fringe festival, this HUGE festival that goes on there every August for basically the whole month. It’s really cool and everyone in Scotland was really really nice. There was SOOOOO much on to choose from, they had(/have, it’s still going on.) Theatre, Dance, children & Comedy as well as music and much more. I walked SO much as well becuase, a. I was scared to get on a bus and b. I wanted to wander the streets shopping and enjoying the VERY wet and rainy days. I also went to the Edinburgh International Book Festival which is on at the same time and listened to lost of authors discussing there works. It was all very interesting and informative and has firmly cemented the idea of becoming an author myself one day. So yeah. I’ll show you some pictures. Edinburgh is a really beautiful place and although I’d never been there before and I was wondering around on my own, I still felt totally safe. So Yeah. You should all visit.
Here is a list of things that I did/ saw:
1. I went to the Book Festival as stated above, I didn’t take any pictures of the actual place, but I took a picture of all my tickets and leaflets and programmes, or at least of all the things I went to, so here you are:

The Yellow Tickets are the Book Festival ones… Just to give you a heads up, this is going to be a picture heavy post… Sorry…

2. A preoccupation With Romance, this was written and performed by a student theatre croup called Close Knit Theatre and I was attracted to them becuase I first saw the main leafletters for the group knitting one LOOONNNGGG Scarf and I can KNIT! So I was intrigued, found out more about it and went to see it. Twas’ fun. The play was also the first thing that I’d ever seen in the Fringe, becuase the book festival isn’t really connected to it, so that was exciting, and we went into this teeny room to watch it and not every seat was taken. But the writing and the words used were lovely.

3. Othello. Really, Really good. As I said before I had to read the play for English, so I thought I’d be extra nerdy and go and watch the play As WELL. Woo. Go Me. But yeah. The performance was brilliant, the person who Iago was amazinf as was Othello, it was violent and scary, exactly what /i thought it should be like.

4. I visited The Palace of Holyroodhouse- the queen’s official residence in Scotland. The Palace is beautiful and the mountains surrounding it are lovely as well.

 Isn’t it Gorgeous? I would love to live there.. Harry?

5. Then I went to, Don’t laugh, The Little Mermaid Ballet. It was the only ballet I could get too and although I was surrounded by a bunch of 3- 7 year olds it was really nice. The costumes were nice and, yeah well I love ballet. So that was great.

6.We walked up St Andrews (I think that’s what it’s called) Mount and that was really nice. It was raining a LOT. And that made the experience all the better.

7. I shopped quite a lot. I bought:

a. Some green shorts for £1.99 in a Charity Shop. Don’t you just love them (I mean Charity shops)!

b. Some stripy tights for £9.99 at H & M. Blue, grey white and Black. Really cool.

c. an AMAZING tartany backpack for ONLY £3.99!!!!!!! Wooo. This is, I think, my favourite new thing and to prove it here are some pictures of it:

 How Cool!!?????

 Close up.

d. Lula Magazine. I FINALLY managed to track one down. I am so happy!!!!!!

Here are lots of pictures

 The card on top is from the bookshop that I bought it from. It was a really small shop , but really nice. It had a books on bikes and Fashion and yeah.

 The book store was called Analogue Books. It was recommended to me by another Blogger, Cait from Wayward Daughter. It was a great recommendation.

 I love this dress and the tights, particularly the contrast between the dark lips and eyes of the innocent white of the dress.

e. A Teddy Bear. I’ve named him Picardy because there was a street in Edinburgh called that.

f. Also an Umbrella from the shop at the Palace of Holyroodhouse. It rained quite a lot.

Okkkaayyyyyyy. Ont the books and postcards I bought. Sorry…..

 So I bought:

  1. Hamlet
  2. Kings & Queens of Scotland
  3. Scotland’s History
  4. Twelfth Night
I also bought two books from authors I heard talking about them and I even got them both signed.
      5. The Meat Tree by Gwyneth Lewis
      6. Archie and The North Wind by Angus Peter Campbell
Now for my postcards:
 Aren’t they so cute? I love old-fashioned adverstising!
So. I’ve only got a couple more…….. I promise
  This is my trusty map, which stopped me from getting lost a million times, and two catalogues of the events and shows. the green one is HUGE.
 The MOST delicious cupcakes fro Cuckoos Bakery. Another great find, recommended from the Wayward Daughter. Clockwise from left:
!.Chocolate Chocolate – My favourite
“. Normal
£. Black Bottom
$. Strawberry Cheesecake
Well I think that’s enough for now.
Anna-Marie xx
P.S. Sorry about the length…….

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Hi, so although I recently posted, I didn’t update you all on the books I read when I was away, and I read quite a few….. : )


I re-read Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, in preparation for the upcoming film release. However I’m not sure if that was the best idea as I got really annoyed because they changed a LOT in the film.


I finished Emily of New Moon. It was sweet but I’m not going to read the rest of the series, anyway I prefer Anne Of Green Gables.


Reading Lolita in Tehran. This was very interesting. And it opened up a huge range of books that I still want to read. It’s about this female professor of English Literature in Tehran, Iran and her struggles with daily life (because women were forced to wear the Chador in public). As well as discussing the connections between life in Tehran and, say Daisy Miller by Henry James, and the similiarities and differences of the West. Really thought-provoking.


Othello. Well, I had to read this for my English coursework, however… I loved it! And I think that Shakespeare is just incredibly lovely and it’s a great pleasure reading his brilliant plays…. Sorry about that. : )


How To Be a Woman. Hilarious and brilliant. Written by Caitlan Moran, a journalist who is very funny. It really made me feel good about myself and I would recommend it to everyone. Men included. The book helped me form my own ideas on Feminism, Abortion, Marriage and Children.

# 6

Death and The Penguin, was another funny book although in a completely different way. Darkly humourus; about a man who has a pet penguin called Misha. Who writes obituaries for newspapers before the subjects are dead. I’d already read A matter of Death and Life by Andrey Kurkov and liked it so I decided to read this one as well.

I think that that is it. I’m quite proud of the list. Oh I also brought Alice In Wonderland to read to my mum, but I never got round to it…

I still have a humumgus list of books to read, but I will read ALL!! Anna-Marie shall reign supreme over books!! : ) (Sorry… : )) I think I may post a list up on my blog, if I have time. Or I could create a WHOLE NEW PAGE where I put all the books I have read and will read and slowly cross them off as I do.

Have a lovely weekend,

A-M xx

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