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So keeping the fact that I want this to get more bookish, here is my School Newspaper’s reveiw of The Fault in Our Stars. I wrote, in case you didn’t realise that.

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Whilst reading the Fault in Our Stars I felt a mixture of interesting and conflicting emotions. The characters and writing are able to pull such strong feelings and thoughts from you, like sadness, pity and at some points prompted real laughter. Although it was written by a thirty-seven year old man who has created the voice of Hazel Grace in an incredibly honest and at moments in a heart-breaking way.

The characters, namely Augustus Waters are believable, and with Gus, likable, cool and sweetly goofy. The language is also wonderful, with a great array of different quotes and sayings. The characters go from swearing unseeingly, to thinking complex and existentially fraught thoughts, with this mix the book is thought-provoking and made me re-examine how I should and want to live my life.

Two particular quotes within the book capture my attention, one is this:

“Say your life broke down. The last good kiss

You had was years ago”

I like this quote because I feel it represents the whole basis or ethos if you will of the book and I think it’s the most important idea to take away from the book.

The second quote is from Shakespeare and was the inspiration for the title.

“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,

But in ourselves!”

The book is full of vibrant life in spite of and partially due to death which only adds to its charm and brilliance. It examines the realistic side of cancer and “dying of” as Gus says.

My only problem was, unlike the readers before me who assured me that I would cry, I did not. I felt that the portrayal of grief and unhappiness was insufficient and therefore did not induce my tear ducts to take action. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that a good book is one that makes you cry, but I felt I should cry, and by not doing so I was then detached from the characters.

Nevertheless a great read and one that I would recommend to any teenager, particularly one living with cancer.

Hope that was okay, See you later,

Anna-Marie xx


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Hi, so although I recently posted, I didn’t update you all on the books I read when I was away, and I read quite a few….. : )


I re-read Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, in preparation for the upcoming film release. However I’m not sure if that was the best idea as I got really annoyed because they changed a LOT in the film.


I finished Emily of New Moon. It was sweet but I’m not going to read the rest of the series, anyway I prefer Anne Of Green Gables.


Reading Lolita in Tehran. This was very interesting. And it opened up a huge range of books that I still want to read. It’s about this female professor of English Literature in Tehran, Iran and her struggles with daily life (because women were forced to wear the Chador in public). As well as discussing the connections between life in Tehran and, say Daisy Miller by Henry James, and the similiarities and differences of the West. Really thought-provoking.


Othello. Well, I had to read this for my English coursework, however… I loved it! And I think that Shakespeare is just incredibly lovely and it’s a great pleasure reading his brilliant plays…. Sorry about that. : )


How To Be a Woman. Hilarious and brilliant. Written by Caitlan Moran, a journalist who is very funny. It really made me feel good about myself and I would recommend it to everyone. Men included. The book helped me form my own ideas on Feminism, Abortion, Marriage and Children.

# 6

Death and The Penguin, was another funny book although in a completely different way. Darkly humourus; about a man who has a pet penguin called Misha. Who writes obituaries for newspapers before the subjects are dead. I’d already read A matter of Death and Life by Andrey Kurkov and liked it so I decided to read this one as well.

I think that that is it. I’m quite proud of the list. Oh I also brought Alice In Wonderland to read to my mum, but I never got round to it…

I still have a humumgus list of books to read, but I will read ALL!! Anna-Marie shall reign supreme over books!! : ) (Sorry… : )) I think I may post a list up on my blog, if I have time. Or I could create a WHOLE NEW PAGE where I put all the books I have read and will read and slowly cross them off as I do.

Have a lovely weekend,

A-M xx

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