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Hello Again

Hello. I went to Namibia for two weeks. It was amazing. Normal posting shall recomence soon. Sorry for the silence. I made a video about it. Here’s the script and a link to it:

Recently, I went to the land of Africa, or more precisely Namibia. It was a wonderful experience. Now that I’m back in England I really miss it. Really miss it. The trip was split into two sections: the first week we worked at a school renovating and building dormitories and a playground. It was a lovely experience, as, in the afternoon the children-from about 5-12 years old- would interact with us, at one point they joined in the sanding of the building, and often wanted to be carried by us, or hold our hands.

They were barefooted and lead bare-lives, stripped back of any materialistic rubbish and only what is really needed. They were barefoot and raggedy. They were barefoot and so happy too. The children taught me that I have too much stuff. If these carefree kids can get by with two sets of clothes, no socks or shoes then I can shed my own layers and get to the heart of life, without anything unimportant or pointless.

Simply: we are taught that we need so many things. But we honestly don’t. Life goes on without socks or computers. Strip yourself down; lose the covers that hide you from the truth of yourself.

The children themselves were so sweet and unshamefacedly enthusiastic and honest. I hope I can live my life as they do and give to others who not fortunate enough to be able to. Lightly, but by embedding myself in the hearts of the others, leaving barefooted prints on their lives and on their hearts.

The second week was less for others and more for ourselves as people. The week was one full of walking, and unfortunately disasters. The culmination of both adjectives came together near rhe end of the week in the group’s (20 students) epic solo Trek. A trek we all took part in unguided by locals, adults or any teachers whatsoever. Just us and the desert, the animals (mostly baboons ) and vast mountains.

After setting off at about 6:30, as soon as it got light, we headed towards the now dry, wide riverbed (It’s winter and the dry season). We ended up having to leave four people behind due to leg injuries and heatstroke. The now 16 of us soldiered on and walked. And walked, got secretly lost, twisted ankles, ate honey and energy tablets. And walked and then sprinted, like Usain Bolt. The finish, a cluster of four head torches was approaching.

On looking back we realised we had walked for about 12 and ½ hours that day. Other than aching feet and a large appetite, the walk left me with the sentiment that, I can do anything if I want to. Further to this, I realised also, that ~I can do exactly what I want with my life, i.e help people, withut A *’s or B’s I can still achieve this aim. Without Oxford, A Levels, School, I will change the world for the better.

Lastly, the trip organised in conjunction with EHRA, or Elephant Human Relations Aid , took us, in a cattle truck, perched uncomfortably on the rails, in search of elephants.

We saw them, wrinkled, like old apples and plodding, comfortably along. So close to us any fast movements, noises or lights could startle them. We saw a herd named Mama Africa, with eleven or so elephants, three of them babies. They really did have huge ears and trunks like baggy trousers.

Cheerio, Anna-Marie. xxx


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Some more inspiration…. And a recipe……

 This is apparently fromt he film the Ice Storm, but I havent seen it. I like it for the hood, which reminds me of my own tartan Red-Riding Hood. : )

 Get ready for some Downton Abbey shots…

 Sybil and Branson are my favourite couple and Sybil is AMAZING too!

 Loook at them all!!! I mean What!!??!

Anyway….. These images aren’t Downtonified…

 I love the Blue dress on the right. And the two black dresses on the bottom. BUT the blue one is the best.

 I love the colour of her dress, it’s a great winter/ Autumn colour full of heat.

So, that’s all from me on the Inspiration front, Sorrry for the lack of activity, it’s all been a bit of a whir.

Here is a great Cookies and Cream Brownie Recipe that is incredibly simple.


Preparation method

  1. Preheat the oven to 180C/350F/Gas 4. Grease a 20cm/8in square baking tin with butter, then line with baking paper with the paper overlapping the sides a little.
  2. Melt the butter in a pan over a medium heat. When the butter has melted, remove the pan from the heat and add the grated (or chopped) chocolate. Leave to stand for a few minutes, or until the chocolate melts, and then stir together. Alternatively, you can put the chocolate and butter in a bowl and melt in the microwave in 25-second blasts, stirring well each time.
  3. Whisk the eggs, egg yolks and vanilla together in a large bowl until the eggs begin to get light and fluffy. Add the sugar in two additions, whisking between each. Pour it around the side of the egg mix so as not to knock out the air that has been whisked in. Keep whisking until the mixture becomes stiffer. Once the egg mixture is ready, pour the chocolate into it – again around the sides so as not to knock the air out.
  4. Add the flour, cocoa powder, salt and a third of the biscuits and stir until fully combined, then pour the mixture into the prepared tin. Scatter the remaining biscuits over the top, pressing them in slightly. Bake on the middle shelf of the oven for 25–30 minutes. The middle should be very so slightly gooey. Leave the brownies to cool in the tin – the top will sink and crack a little.
  5. Pull the brownies out using the overlapping paper and cut into squares. Dust with icing sugar.

    It’s from here: (oh, and there is a video, showing you how delicious it will be…) http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/cookies_and_cream_fudge_48648

    Love Anna-Marie xx

    P.S I’m on Holiday! : ) oh and R.I.P Whitney. “I will always love you” (Sorry for the cheese….)

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Hi, So, Sorry.
I haven’t updated in quite a while, and it is due to the fact that I have MOUNTAINS of work and revision to do. I still feel guilty though.
But anyway. : )
So, relatively recently I remembered that I had a Good Reads acount, which is really useful at tracking your favourite books, what your reading, your book wishlist etc. And with this in mind, I thought I’d share my profile with you so you guys can keep up to date on book progress. : ) http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/3782022-anna

Right now, as I needed something easy (My brain is MUSH) I’m reading Equal Rites by Terry Pratchett and I have got to say, it’s great!! : )
It’s the third in the Discworld series, but you don’t have to have read the other two to understand this one, so that’s good.
My birthday, Christmas and New Year were all lovely, and I have consumed a lot of chocolate, which by no means is a bad thing! : )
I found some gorgeous inspiration, so here goes:

 I have been looking for a red duffle coat for forEVER, but this one was sold out. Grrrr.

 I love this because I that she looks like a college student of adventuring. oh those shoes!

 This dress is from a newish, online shop that I found erecently, but unfortunatley I forgotten the name (nadinoo?), sorry.

 Once again I’m afraid that I have forgotten the name of the painting that this is copying, but isn’t it lovely! Oh, it’s call pot pouri. : )

That’s it for today folks, I hope that you all had a wonderful 2011 and will have a brilliant 2012! If you are wondering, I am abstaining from making resolutions, and instead, will wait until there is something specific that I want to change….Back to revision. whoop!

Anna-Marie xx

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Hi, so although I recently posted, I didn’t update you all on the books I read when I was away, and I read quite a few….. : )


I re-read Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, in preparation for the upcoming film release. However I’m not sure if that was the best idea as I got really annoyed because they changed a LOT in the film.


I finished Emily of New Moon. It was sweet but I’m not going to read the rest of the series, anyway I prefer Anne Of Green Gables.


Reading Lolita in Tehran. This was very interesting. And it opened up a huge range of books that I still want to read. It’s about this female professor of English Literature in Tehran, Iran and her struggles with daily life (because women were forced to wear the Chador in public). As well as discussing the connections between life in Tehran and, say Daisy Miller by Henry James, and the similiarities and differences of the West. Really thought-provoking.


Othello. Well, I had to read this for my English coursework, however… I loved it! And I think that Shakespeare is just incredibly lovely and it’s a great pleasure reading his brilliant plays…. Sorry about that. : )


How To Be a Woman. Hilarious and brilliant. Written by Caitlan Moran, a journalist who is very funny. It really made me feel good about myself and I would recommend it to everyone. Men included. The book helped me form my own ideas on Feminism, Abortion, Marriage and Children.

# 6

Death and The Penguin, was another funny book although in a completely different way. Darkly humourus; about a man who has a pet penguin called Misha. Who writes obituaries for newspapers before the subjects are dead. I’d already read A matter of Death and Life by Andrey Kurkov and liked it so I decided to read this one as well.

I think that that is it. I’m quite proud of the list. Oh I also brought Alice In Wonderland to read to my mum, but I never got round to it…

I still have a humumgus list of books to read, but I will read ALL!! Anna-Marie shall reign supreme over books!! : ) (Sorry… : )) I think I may post a list up on my blog, if I have time. Or I could create a WHOLE NEW PAGE where I put all the books I have read and will read and slowly cross them off as I do.

Have a lovely weekend,

A-M xx

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Hey, So. I’m back. the holiday was AMAZING! We went to Ecuador and the Galapagos. Seriously. Incredible.

We saw so many Animals in the wild up close…….

So anyway, as I’ve been away for a while I have a lot of Inspiration and Blog posts to get through, so I thought I would show some here (And maybe some Harry Potter Pics too. Becuase Luna was Brilliant).

 Lacey white dresses are always lovely in summer. They remind me of Tea Parties and Shakespeare.

How beautiful does Bonnie look!

I can’t wait for winter…. Not that that’s weird.

I love the blog Flashes of style. She’s gorgeous and very stylish.

 : ) and : ( at the same time. I’m conflicted.

Last one:

This is from Opened closest, which I think I’ve already blogged about. but heres the link:


I also really want it to rain. Torrental downpours please, weathermen. Thanks.

Anna-Marie xx

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Hey guys!

Sorry for the long abscence. Blocks… (those are mock exams, if you didn’t know)… They were pretty horrid.

So anyway, I thought I’d share some inspiration.

 I have fallen in love with Hannah from Foxtail and Fern because she puts together the most gorgeous outfits, and manages look both sophisticated and fun at the same time. I recommend that you check her out!! Also, the photography is lovely too.

 this newly found (at least to me) blogger from Poland called Grace, puts together the coolest combinations. Here blog was called Exquisite Boredom, but has recently changed to Opened Closet.

 This is from a Blog that I’ve already told you about called Stolen From Grandma and I just ADORE the Berry colour of this dress. It’s almost mulled wine-like. If your not following her then do! Just click here to go to her blog. Okay, that was the last blogger… I think..??!?

 I WISH that I could look like this. I love how the colours almost blend into eachother and the hues are mild, but contrasting at the same time. Ohhhh to be beautiful.

 This is soo cool. Right?!?? Anyway it’s from a new shop blog thing called Silent Sundays, which is run by a Blogger called Rhiannon of Liebermarlene Vintage.

Okay, so I haven’t posted about music in a while so here’s an update:

Recently, I discovered the Dixie Chiucks and I really enjoy listening to them. My favourite song is Travelin’ Soldier and I think that their sound is very mellow and calming (mostly) which is nice and relaxing.

Also, although this is not a newly found artist, I love her nonetheless. Taylor Swift. Who is a great role model to everyone, particularly in a day and age when teens, like me, think it’s okay to run a muck and drink and smoke when they are far too young…. I sound like a mum.  : $

 AND she’s pretty to boot. What more could a girl want?!??

And I just found this lovely drawing of some of the words to one of her songs called enchanted. It’s so sweet and romantic.  It’s from a place called The Notebook Doodles.

Here are some more lyrics:

The playful conversation starts
Counter all your quick remarks like passing notes in secrecy
And it was enchanting to meet you
All I can say is I was enchanted to meet you

This night is sparkling, don’t you let it go
I’m wonderstruck, blushing all the way home
I’ll spend forever wondering if you knew
I was enchanted to meet you

Have a lovely weekend!

Anna-Marie xxx : )

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I just watched Quadrophenia and I loved all the sixties outfits. “We are the Mods!” Rock Onnnn! It had a great soundtrack.

 I would recommend checking it out as I think it’s a great film, although a bit weird.

Oh I just came across a very easy and quick lemonade recipe. Deffinitley going to try it out some time.!


It sounds like the perfect summer recipe. YUM!

During half-term I went shopping, had a Tea Party and went to my best friends birthday party. I also revised. WOOO! Anyway, I shall share some pictures of the tea party. It went slightly wrong as we basically totally messed up the chocolate scones that we were gonna eat, so we decided to make a chocolate cake and buy already mad cupcakes which we iced. There were also biscuits and OBVIOUSLY lots of Tea.

Our cake was a Jackson Pollock inspired piece.

Then our COMPLETELY Homemade…. : ) Cakes:





The cookies and the Biscuits…. YUMMMM

Some Close Ups:

Can you guys see the face in red icing? I think it looks devil-like…. AAARRRGGGHHH!!!

Andddd I just found a hilarious article about the dangers of biscuits. http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2009/sep/09/biscuits-food-safety

That’s it from me right now, Have a lovely weekend. Thank God it’s Friday tomorrow.

Love Anna Marie xxx





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